hello ❤️

Patricia/Pratice Ann McKoy.

Man it’s been a while. Almost three years in a few months. I just wanted to say hi.

I hope you’re enjoying where you are now. I’m going through hell here. On the bright side, I graduate in May. On Kyra’s birthday. I emphasize that. I guess I take pride in remembering everyone’s birthday.

I don’t really know what to say to you here. I figure you know just about everything. Saw everything. Since you’re all, “omnipresent” now. Floating around in all your Queenly grace (lol). I keep thinking about you. I think about you more now than when you first passed. I see you as the young and vibrant “life of the party” girl you used to be. When times were simpler for you.

My heart tells me that you have something you want me to know. What might that be? If anything? You can tell me.

Something tells me that I’m not listening hard enough. Too loud. Too much movement. Too much travel. Too many words. Too many faces in my mind. Too many.

I’ve already prepared a place for you in my heart. But I believe you’ve anchored yourself in the deepest parts of my consciousness also. you show up at least 3x a day. Somewhere, everywhere.

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